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You’ve Tried Everything to Stop, to Get Control… Yet The Behavior Persists

And it’s taking a heavy toll.

It’s occupying so much space in your head that could be devoted to pursuing your passions, goals, and dreams.

Maybe you’ve started limiting your life because of it, reducing time with family and friends, avoiding situations in which you might get triggered; it’s lonely.

It’s expensive, draining your bank account and compromising your health.

Good news: you can get free.

You Can Stop. We Can Show You How.

We understand how painful it is to spend time, energy, and money sincerely trying to stop and not being able to. If you are like many of our customers when they first discover us, you feel stuck, defeated, and ashamed. 

We want you to know it is not your fault. You do not lack willpower. There is nothing wrong with you. Cravings and compulsive behaviors like biting your nails or endlessly scrolling social media, are due to a nervious system that is out of alignment. 

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Bill & Liz Are Pioneers in Creating Lasting Transformation

Meet Bill McKenna and Liz Larson, co-creators of Cognomovement Systems. Bill, a former adrenaline junkie turned spiritual teacher, and Liz, a visionary in consciousness and wellness, use a unique approach centered around a colored ball. Both share a passion for profound change and raised awareness. Bill’s transformation began with a spiritual awakening, leading to the development of Cognomovement Systems. Liz, a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, combines esoteric studies with scientific knowledge, aiding personal growth. Together, they empower through Cognomovement Systems, leaving a lasting impact on self-discovery and consciousness.

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